Dr John O’Dea

Dr O’Dea is managing the Tokyo logistics for this event. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Monash University, Melbourne, and is an Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo. From an analytic philosophy perspective, O’Dea (pronounced Oh Day) investigates the phenomenology and content of perceptual experience.

Main Publications

Art and Ambiguity: A Gestalt-Shift Approach to Elusive Appearances, In Phenomenal Presence, edited by F. Macpherson, M. Nida-Rümelin & F. Dorsch, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

A Proprioceptive Account of the Senses, in Fiona Macpherson (ed.), The Senses: Classical and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives, Oxford University Press. 2011.

Transparency and the Unity of Experience, In E. Wright (ed.), The Case for Qualia. MIT Press. 2008.

The Value in Equal Opportunity: Reply to Kershnar, Journal of Applied Philosophy 24 (2):177–187. 2007.

Representationalism, Supervenience, and the Cross-Modal Problem Philosophical Studies 130 (2):285-95. 2006.

The Indexical Nature of Sensory ConceptsPhilosophical Papers 32 (2):169-181. 2002.

This conference is supported by JSPS Kakenhi grant number 16K02109.


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